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Finished my First, but...

2009-11-22 19:02:01 by Master-General

So I finished my first animation, more of an experiment for my first time in Flash for a long period of time. But I don't know if I should submit it because I was heavily inspired by a certain animation on this sight for the ending, though it is not verbatim. I'm also afraid the comedy effects, though small, may be too stale for people and the entire animation overall. So, I may submit it within the next week or so, but you may not see it either.

Just a heads-up for you guys who watch these things :P

Animations to come soon!

2009-08-22 17:08:20 by Master-General

Finally about to get that animations done. Which one? You never know, it should be finished by year's end hopefully if I can find the time to finish it up. Maybe some experimental stuff coming too? Just be on the lookout for something by me around years end.

Now on Full Steam

2008-10-04 14:56:02 by Master-General

The Forsaken is on the road now
we got everything we need, it's time to sing, drum and shred that guitar

no demos yet, maybe this weekend for you guys